Fragrance Journey with Sylvia Choi, Manager, &Sushi

Fragrance Journey with Sylvia Choi, Manager, &Sushi


At Sauce, we are fascinated by how personal the journey is in discovering the perfect signature fragrance and also the transformative nature of scent in general which can transport you back to a specific moment in time.  So we asked five inspiring New Zealand women to share their favourite memories with fragrance as well as what emotions the latest scent from Jo Malone London, Honeysuckle & Davana evokes for them personally.


Defined by an aura of fresh optimism and sunny perspective, Sylvia Choi seamlessly interweaves her unique fashion style with performing professionally and creatively- all the while indulging in a sense of humility and inner beauty.

A rare pearl in the industry, the manager’s passion to merge style with meals at &Sushi has proven wonderfully successful; however it’s Sylvia’s blossoming relationship with food, fashion and fragrance which elevates her to freely accentuate her personal beauty.

Tell us how you started your career?

I’m crazy about fashion and food. I have always been really into organic and healthy fusion Asian-western food. I started my career as a Manager at &Sushi after discovering that it uses GF, Free range chicken, organic produce, PLUS it has great aesthetics, interior and vibes!


How do you combine fragrances?

This might sound a little weird, so bear with me... I apply “vaseline" on my chest and my ankle and spray my favourite cologne from Jo Malone London "English Pear” mixed with “Honeysuckle & Davana” on same spot. I feel like it lasts longer and I smell good all day.



Your favourite fragrance memory?

My mum and dad would religiously go out on date nights and my mum would get dressed up and always wear her favourite perfume. I can remember watching her get ready and always smell delicious and so happy. Every time I smell something similar now, I feel like I am cocooned to that little girl and appreciating the beauty of a scent, waiting to grow up and do the same like my mum!


A fragrance/scent ritual

English pear is like your loved one. It’s there for you no matter what happens throughout the day and it always stays close to your heart. It picks you up when you're down and it blossoms when you're happy. English pear is like no other perfume.


On fragrance combining, what’s your favourite Jo Malone London fragrance pairing

With Jo Malone London's Tropical Cherimoya or English Pear. After 10secs it transforms into something very unique.


How does Jo Malone London latest addition - Honeysuckle and Davana make you feel?

It makes me feel like I am in love again!


Photography | Nicole Brannen
Intro | Aasha Nimo
Interview & Styling | Zeenat Wilkinson


In collaboration with Jo Malone London

Sylvia wears Kate Sylvester, Makeup by  Merse Saranjam @Bobbi Brown

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Thank you Sylvia Choi