Your Saucy September Horoscope Is Here

Your Saucy September Horoscope Is Here



Our favourite Auckland-based, Tarot & Psychic Expert, Kimberly Stewart of  The Channelling is back to give us the low down on what to expect for September’s activities. 

Kimberley has predicted a bit of everything for everyone this month, from career advice and romantic opportunities to financial warnings - oh and for your viewing pleasure we’ve handpicked our favourite fragrances to match your star sign personality type.

Hope you love this as much as we do!



Sauce Product Sep0149_September18.jpg

10 of Cups, The Emperor, Ace of Cups

It’s a happy month ahead for you! Aries as new people come into your life and bring you what you want.
The single Aries may find that they don’t end up meeting the love of their life this month, but that they’re content to remain single for now and will meet interesting people anyway. There’s no rush as you’ll be busy with your friends this month. The attached Aries on the other hand needs to take note: don’t get lazy in your relationship during September as the neglect of your partner will turn into disdain as they do everything they can to make your life a breeze.

Spend September putting things into order this month Aries. Maybe a spring clean of your home (I can hear you recoil in fear at this), filing of documents at work and a check-over of your finances and budget.


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Sauce Product Sep0133_September18.jpg

King of Swords, 5 of Pentacles

You’re about to go through a big change during September Taurus as the Universe conspires to push you down a new path. Taureans don’t like being pushed though, so it will be interesting to see how you handle this.

My bet is that you will most likely react badly to the push. Temper tantrums and bit of sulking is going to ensue as you deal with these changes the best way you know how. There will be no use fighting these changes though as they are being put in place to bring you the best future possible. These changes may involve anything that is outdated in your life such as a relationship, job, house or friendships. The sooner that you can accept these changes, the sooner you’ll be able to move on and celebrate the good things to come. On 12th Uranus turns retrograde (sitting in Taurus since May) - so this might be a bit of a shake up.

Keep an eye out on your expenses and credit card bills, or it might end up being a very rough month. Careful of your expenses Taureans!


WHY : We know you love good packaging and all things Prada! The candy notes brings out the playful side in you.
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Sauce Product Sep0114_September18.jpg

The Empress, Queen of Wands, The Chariot

Your self-love is going to be on point this month Gemini for no other reason than the fact that you’ve done the groundwork to get yourself into a good headspace. It feels as though you’re back to your usual self and have the ability to re-connect properly with those around you.

You are a great friend to others and will be called upon to help a friend or two in need this month. Your way with words and your level of self-love is going to help them see a solution to their problems and will bring them the nurturing and caring ear to confide in that they need.

You might find that you’ll be full of metaphors this month. You’ll use them to explain anything and everything, and to anyone who will listen. Try to ease up on these metaphors if you catch yourself using them too often as it may turn a potential lover away from you.

You’ll be feeling creative financially this month. But don't gamble on your luck.



WHY : Created using authentic artist creation as tribute to nature's best raw material in fine perfumery - the rose. Perfect for the romantic in you. 

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Sauce Product Sep0211_September18.jpg

The Fool, 9 of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles

What a wonderful month ahead you have Cancer. Not only are you going to be feeling good on the inside, but life will also just seem to slot nice things into place along the way.

You’re going to be feeling playful with people this month as your mood will be much more care-free than usual. Flirty behaviour is going to get you closer to the people you want, and wild risk taking is going to get you the things you desire. Enjoy the energy as it’s not often that we get this type of cycle come through in our lives.

The only thing you need to be careful of this month is rushing projects so that you can get out the door and spend more time having fun. Be patient and take your time so that the job at hand is done properly. If you don’t put some care into your responsibilities you’re going to find that you have to spend the last week of September going back to these projects- much to your horror and dismay.



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Sauce Product Sep0204_September18.jpg

Temperance, Page of Wands, 5 of Swords

Be patient with your loyal subjects this month, your royal highness. Although it’s a simple concept to understand, it’s hard for you to put this into practice.

Your reaction to other people needs to be moderated during September as there’s going to be some battles of wit come up. This could be either socially or work-wise, and your tendency to battle to the death is going to outweigh any logic. If you find that you’re arguing for argument’s sake, and not to solve the problem at hand, your win won’t feel as good as it should.

Good news is expected in your love life, as someone who you thought had fallen away by the wayside makes contact again. Play this how you want, although you’ll find that they have a lot more to offer this time around than they did before. Attached Leo’s will find that their partner is overly attentive this month- how wonderful Leo!



WHY : This scent is not everyone's cup of tea! But probably best suited to you.
If you like dark, luxurious, slightly masculine scents the best selling scent from Tom Ford is for the fierce Leo. The chocolate-dipped tobacco with tonka beans and dried fruits notes are intoxicating and very sexy.

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Sauce Product Sep0185_September18.jpg

9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, Strength

You need to reach out for help Virgo as your busy schedule and mind go into overdrive this month.

Work is going to be filled with challenges as the planets align to bring you some lessons this month. Although you’ve got the willpower and strength to deal with the stress you’ll need a friend to vent some of your frustrations to. Maybe your Cancerian friend can help- they are totally loyal and have good emotional intelligence which can help a girl out when in need.

On the positive side, things are taking a turn for the better. You’ll feel physically healthy this month (which is important to you Virgos), and have an easy time finding people to date and enjoy a good meal (plus drinks) with. Just be aware of reckless behaviour near the end of September, as you’ll feel the need to let your hair down and go wild once everything has settled down.



WHY : The sweet scent of coconut, sunscreen, and zest-iness of pink pepper has a true hidden power. The subtle, not-in-your face scent is really well suited to your personality type. Also, it smells like a holiday in Bahamas (something you are secretly lusting over right now).

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Sauce Product Sep0156_September18.jpg

Queen of Cups, 6 of Cups, 7 of Swords

Your head is going to be up in the air this month Libra, but its not a bad place to be as air is your element and its great to fly away into the world of fantasy every now and again.

This month is going to be a calm one, where stress and worry can’t touch you, and this will be solely down to the fact that you’re too busy in your dream world to take notice of these things. With this energy comes a warning: your planning skills are going to be horribly poor this month. If there’s something that needs solving you are best to leave the decision making and planning until the eleventh hour as your poor planning skills are going to mean that you are destined to fail.

A past lover is going to coincide with a new lover this month. The past lover is a past lover for a reason- because they didn’t treat you right. Don’t let them sweep you away, further into dream land and away from your new love interest who’ll be waiting for you to return.



WHY : Notes of red apples, jasmine and rose. This scent exudes lightness and warmth, just like you.

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Sauce Product Sep0162_September18.jpg

Page of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles

You’ve got a bit of money coming your way this month Scorpio - how lovely! You’ve overpaid quite a bit for something in the past and now that extra money is coming back to you. Expect to hear news of this in email or letter form.

All up, this month is a money month for you. You’ll be focused at work, gaining credibility and having small successes along the way. You’ll also be fixing up the mistakes of your co-workers, but this won’t be without its rewards as your boss will see what you have done and give you the praise you deserve. You may also find that along with this praise comes a bonus or gift of some sort just to make things even sweeter.

Socially you might find that September is a little quiet as you are huddled away in your money-making dream, working hard and making a living. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and get out and about at least once this month.

Be aware of holding onto material things and not using them because they’re so special to you. Use them and enjoy it, there is more to come.



WHY : The refreshing and slightly woody scent has a creamy, soft drydown. This fragrance is made for layering and it will allow you to be creative with your own fragrance combination each morning, based on your mood that day. Also, Scorpions (you) are extremely picky, but Wood Sage and Sea Salt is going to satisfy the perfectionist in you.

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Sauce Product Sep0199_September18.jpg

6 of Swords, The Sun, Knight of Cups

You’ve got a good month ahead Sagi, but you could make it even better if you take my advice…

You’ll be feeling all philosophical and self-aware during September as thing slowly start to come together. This is with regards to finances, your understanding of the world and your love life too. This philosophical mood is going to uplift your spirits to a point where you feel a little ‘above’ everyone else. Take note Sagi: don’t step on anyone’s toes or try to push your opinions on others as you’ll lose some important people in your life.

If you are a single Sagi this still reigns true, and you’ll need to learn to stop running away from the wonderful people that enter your life. Just because they don’t agree with your opinions, it doesn’t mean they don’t value them. 

Be careful of leaving your drinks and belongings unattended.
Overall a good month for you Sagis! Enjoy it.



WHY : You saw that coming didn't you? Let's face it! Sagis are pretty rock n roll and this fragrance is a perfect reminder/note to self. The scent itself is intoxicating with oriental notes of sage oil, vanilla, orris root, Tonka bean leather and amber. Very sexy, spicy and sultry. 

Limited Ediition. Available at David Jones in New Zealand.



Sauce Product Sep0168_September18.jpg

9 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, The Magician

September will start out peachy for your Capricorn, as though everything is in good order and flowing along smoothly. It is true that this will be the case, although you need to be on guard for a slip in the effort you put into friendships.

Don’t let your content, happy mood cause you to neglect of your friend, and even more so…don’t let your achievements and social standing cause you to discard people who have been in your life forever and who haven’t reached the same level of success as you. This month would be a good time to catch up with those people who you have forgotten to catch up with because you’ve been so busy.

Be very careful about using under-handed tactics this month to get what you want from a lover or partner. These tactics will backfire and you’ll be left emotionally empty handed. You need to concentrate on sharing your time, resources and happiness with others this month in a balanced and honest manner.

Time to call your old pals!



WHY : The wildness of honeysuckle will make you feel like you are winding through the English countryside. The freshness of rose and the aromatic, fruity twist of davana is woody with moss, it will warm your heart and senses. The latest addition to the Jo Malone London family is your new 'forever fragrance.'

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Sauce Product Sep0125_September18.jpg

8 of Swords, 2 of Wands, Knight of Swords

You’ve got an odd month ahead Aquarius, but it’s nothing you can’t handle as you function on a totally different level to other people anyway.

The beginning of September is going to feel out of sorts and as though everything is up in the air. Your boss will be talking about change at work but you’ll see no action on this, your relationship will feel stagnant but there’ll be random romantic moments that come out of nowhere, and your parents will be critical of your life one moment and then supportive the next. How confusing! Don’t let this fly away energy get to you as things will improve by the middle of the month and you’ll have a better sense of direction and what is happening around you.

For single Aquarians there’s a short-lived, but highly exciting romance coming up this month. This person will sweep into your life like a breath of fresh air (thank you the Knight of Swords), and then leave without answers just as quickly. Enjoy it for the excitement it brings and then put it in the ‘done and dusted’ pile afterwards.


WHY : This very real, authentic scent is like a nature captured in a bottle! Tom Ford does this so well with his all fragrances but almost takes it to another level with Mandarino Di Amalfi. This unisex scent is soft scent but would suit men and women equally well. The fresh, clean scent is perfect for the nature-loving Aquarius.

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Sauce Product Sep0178_September18.jpg

The Wheel of Fortune, 5 of Cups, Ace of Wands

Don’t be rattled by events that you can’t control this month Pisces. Jobs come and go, people come and go, fashions come and go, and its not a personal attack on you, but just the way the world works.

You’ve been emotionally hurt this year, and you need time to heal and get over it. September is the perfect time for you to reach out to others, take their advice and spend time in and around their good vibes in order to get yourself back on track and ready to face the up-and-coming summertime. A word of warning: don’t milk any help you receive for all its worth in order to get more attention.

A new work-related opportunity is going to pop up for you this month. Don’t pass it up or put off taking it on just because you’re feeling sorry for yourself, otherwise it will float away down the emotional Pisces river and never come back.


WHY : Very smooth, warm, daytime scent that can be worn indoors (in a closed office-y environment without making it overwhelming for anyone). Top notes of black pepper and cardamon, with middle notes of Jasmine and Violet, base notes of sandalwood and cedar. The house of Boucheron is a French family dynasty brand and the packaging adorned in gold and white with pale taupe tones truly reflects how special and luxurious the brand is. The scent is sort of classic and old-worldly. Very olfactory. The earthiness in this fragrance is well suited to the classic Pieces that loves rubies and diamonds.
Available in New Zealand here.


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