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Shiseido Has A New Makeup Range And We Cannot Stop Talking About It, shiseido
Shiseido Has A New Makeup Range And We Cannot Stop Talking About It

If you feel the beauty industry has become a little repetitive when it comes to brand new product releases (I’ve experienced several ‘Oh, another eye-shadow palette that’s not pigmented enough?’ moments over the last months) don’t fret. Come sit by me and I’ll tell you a little story. 

 One day the prestigious Japanese brand Shiseido pulled all their whole makeup line and together they disappeared for a hot minute. Fast forward and 127 newly released items later, we’re presented with their new, strikingly innovative makeup collection which separate elements into groups: dews, powders, inks and gels (this got my beauty brains focused for sure!)

The product pigmentation, variety of textures and high quality consistency of the items ranging from beautifully packaged balms, highlighters and powders, emphases the huge change in direction for the brand- illustrating a new era of beauty perspective.



Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush, $50

This whipped mouse-y product comes in a clear glass packaging that deserves a special shoutout. I mean, how-good-is-this-packaging? But, the true hero of this product is the texture. It is ultra-light (whipped) with a subtle pigment; just right for a hint of colour. Feels almost naked on my cheeks but gives me that fresh-like-a-spring-tulip glow.

Aura Dew, $55

At the media showing, our entire editorial team was gushing with aaahhs and oooooohs at this product. As the name implies -- this product gives you’re skin a dew-y highlighting finish. You can use it on your eyes, cheek bones, or cupid bow. Kira-kira-esque glow guaranteed. Very interesting texture and easy to use.

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Daiya Fude Face Duo Brush, $90

Ok we have to admit it…we were all over it instantly because of the bold packaging. What can I say? I am a sucker for good packaging. The muti-use design and ultra soft bristles is the main show stopper. The bottom of the brush has a little gelly dome like blender that can use to lift a foundation or dab it on to various areas on the face. The main brush end is perfect to buff off extra foundation liquid using the dense brush and give the skin a nice diffused foundation finish. (bigger brush)

Naname Fude Multi Eye Brush

Diagonally-cut with a high performing synthetic fibre blush to truly shape your eyes as you are applying, blending and buffing. This stunning brush is actually hand-crafted in Japan. A great eyeshadow brush for a beginners.

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VisionAiry Gel Lipstick, $50

The gel lipstick in red has been living in my handbag for over a month ago; believe me when I say, this is is a h-u-g-e commitment for a beauty editor to make towards a new lipstick; we are constantly being swept away with the new and alluring products. Why I love it and can’t stop using it? It’s weightless, which means it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. The lipstick is made with a beautiful formula that is hydrating during application and doesn’t give your lips with a cracky uneven residue after hours of use. And it’s very pigmented!

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Words | Aasha Nimo & Zeenat Wilkinson (product reviews)

Photography | Wono Kim