Sauce's Short & Sweet Gift Guide | For Your Mama

Sauce's Short & Sweet Gift Guide | For Your Mama

Sauce’s short & sweet gift giving guide FOR MUM

Regardless of the fact we’ll soon be seeing everyone’s annual appreciation posts arguing their mothers are the best (how rude!) the specialness of the day hasn’t yet been lost in translation. Sorry to expose rejoicing gift givers by exposing our secret, but Mother’s Day is an indulgent field-day to show off our abilities to find meaningful gifts.

Of course as most of us believe, we doubt we’ll be able to ‘pay back’ or fully express our gratitude to our mamas: especially to mine for allowing me to play The Sound of Music on VCR in a never-ending cycle of existential musical repetition- and for deciding not to kill myself and my sisters at the last second- when we accidentally smashed the dining room window and possibly a bedroom one too. I’m hopeful however that thoughtful gifts can show my appreciation and aid my cause a little.

As always, we’re more than happy to help you out with this year’s Mother’s Day specialities. We encourage you to push yourself a little outside the box in addition to a messily written- but heartfelt card and flowers. Below are several gifts we thought you may like (ops I mean, she may like!)


For the activist mum:

Chances are your mother back in the day used to (or still does) storm down Queen St with other empowered individuals to demand action for women’s rights legally and socially. Hopefully she was able to make her way to the Guerrilla Girls Art Exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery- but if not, ‘The Art of Feminism’ explores the creative combination of both art and activism.

Get it here for $65

via auckland art gallery

For the quirky mum:

Let me guess: your mama’s hobbies include collecting fine pieces of unusual and artistic garments? (And even if it’s not but you know she would adore this stunning handkerchief regardless) this piece ‘Eyes of Mine’ from a collaboration with the celebrated contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is a must have.

Get it here, for $35

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.09.15 pm.png

For the nature enthusiast mum:

Inspired by nature and the seaside, the freshwater pearl set in beautiful stirling silver is a winner. The Gold Honeybee Necklace by Louise Douglas is charming and delicate; and a lovely reminder of NZ’s landscapes.

Get it here, for $210

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.07.52 pm.png

For the haircare conscious mum:

Don’t let these minimalistic products fool you; they come with a strong punch for silky, thick hair and we found the perfect little pack for your mama, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and an exclusive pete ionic paddle brush that works wonders.

Get it here, for $84

jo-malone-magenta-profumi (1).jpg

For the aromatherapist mum:

Imagine glasshouse tomatoes, crisp green earthy stems and breezy sunshine: in a candle. If you don’t see the appeal (just wait until you try it) she definitely will. It’ll become a mix of gorgeous Mother’s Day memories and if she loves cooking, that’s a bonus and a half with this one smelling like tomatoes!

Get it here, for $115

For the skincare conscious mum:


Let’s talk about the Estee Lauder travel pack with ANR duo serum and eye serum. It really is a show-stopper for Mother’s Day- especially if she’s already using a couple of these products. The cult favourites ANR serum is our numero uno and might just be her favourite too.

The set includes:

ANR Serum II & ANR Eye Serum

Get it at T Galleria by DFS this month and get a 25% off.

For the environmentally friendly mum:

marle gift guide

I know what you might be thinking- a gift card of all things?! A gift card indeed. But if your mum sometimes prefers autonomy over her gifts and you want to make sure she’ll truly get something she loves, a gift card from Marle is perfect. You can either head over to read about Marle’s founder as our latest Saucette here, or just know that your mum will have an abundance of sustainable wear to choose from. Cotton, linen, silk- a conscious purchase.
Get it here here, starting from $25

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 2.35.06 PM.png

For your dad:

If you choose to celebrate your father on this day instead- as many of us do for a variety of reasons and circumstances, how about a darkly humorous canvas/tea towel? Yes not exactly the first thing that comes to mind but this display of quirkiness from artist David Shrigley emphasises the oddness and beauty of his works.

Get it here, for $49