Sauce Beauty Hits | Spring Favourites

Sauce Beauty Hits | Spring Favourites

This month’s best in beauty buys were undoubtedly made with love- but for sure were tried and tested with even more affection (we love our job). Handpicked by our Sauce mama Zeenat Wilkinson, we introduce to you our favourite little gems this season.  As always, we try to include a bit of everything and this month’s round-up is no exception. From gorgeous layering scents inspired by actual happiness (sounds a little cliché but wait till you try them!) to the latest edition of Lush’s cult-classic Sleepy releases, we do all the hard yards (a spritz there, a dab there) to make sure you have the best recommendations right at your fingertips.

 Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

dermalogica skin smoothing cream review

Effectively restoring your pores without leaving sticky, oily residue is Dermalogica’s skin smoothing cream. Made especially to absorb and hydrate immediately, it’s new formula acts gently whist simultaneously doing the job: all the while providing your face is a simple, natural glow after use. 

Available here, starting at $22

Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lipsticks in Matte and High Gloss

bobbi brown luxe lipstick review

How often do we hear the word ‘pigmented’ in the world of lip products, yet get disappointed when we have to compromise between glorious colours and a moisturised, non-sand paper pout? With the new collection of Bobbi Brown matte lipsticks which comes in matte, liquid-matte and high shine categories, compromising the feel and look of our lips is a non-issue!
Each of the 9 shades are luxuriously moisturising and packed with colour that’s long lasting (and wearable during those spag-bowl cravings).

Available here, $64

Clinique My Happy 

clinique my happy review

Channeling the concept of scents and experiences combined, Clinique asked millions of consumers what evokes in them a sense of peace and happiness. Fast forward in time, and they’ve released 6 gorgeous layering scents with equally charming titles such as Peony Picnic and Cocoa & Cashmere to allow us to literally smell as happy as we feel. Feeling as optimistic as a beautiful blue sky? Try your luck with Blue Sky Neroli or reminisce about tea time with your grandma after a spray of Peace and Jasmine.

Available here, $48

Lancôme x Proenza Schuler

lancome proenza review

In a limited edition collaboration between designers Proenza Schuler and the power house beauty brand Lancôme, the idea of empowerment for personal values inspired the psychedelic new collection, which ranges from the excellently engineered kajal lip pencils, to peach lipsticks and purple lip gloss. The kajal lip pencils are a double edged sword- popular with their creamy, precise pencil on one end, and perfectly comfortable gloss on the other.

Available here, starting from $64

Lancôme Makeup

GuErlain Abeille Royale

gurlain abeille royale review

The ultimate cushion compact for anyone that hates highlighting but still loves a healthy glow. This product works as Daily Repair Serum, it enables the skin to be restored in its visible reality of ageing. Smoothing the skin’s texture, it replaces natural fine lines for a firmer, lifted appearance. The bit that we love the most? You can use this cushion compact to add a glow to your cheek bones (or areas that are dry) - a highligher for those who hate highlighting! You can continue hydrating those dry patches on you skin without disrupting your makeup half way through the day. Give a little boost and glow. That afternoon pick-me-up? Where do we sign up!?

Available here, $218

Lush's sleepy body wash

lush sleepy review

Are you a huge fan of Lush’s sleepy body lotion? Ok, we have some very very good news. Try their newly released Sleepy Naked Shower gel with its dreamy, creamy (no rhyme intended!) consistency. Also comes in packaging-free soap filled with milk, ylang ylang and tonka for super soft and gentle scrub and like its previous counterpart, it brings all kinds of sleepy, relaxation vibes right in time for bed.

Available here, $13.50 or $17.50 for the packaging-free option
PS : There is also a perfect gift combo available with lotion and shower gel for your insomniac friends out there.

Lush AngelS on Bare Skin

lush angel on bare skin review

Ingredients always matter. 100% natural ingredients with almond and lavender flowers, in your daily cleanser, for instance, sounds like something we have missing out on all these years. Angels On Bare Skin is absolute cult-favourite for so many and after trying it out for ourselves, we can see why it’s loved by so many. It’s good for : soothing eczema flare-ups and helps reduce redness. Fresh, natural ingredients to start your day, sounds like bliss! Did we mention it’s made on our home turf?

Available here, $20

Tom Ford Lip Exfoliator

tom ford lip scrub

To put it simply, this is not the only lip scrub on the market. But it really is one of the best! Tom Ford, the chicest packaging ever, smells absolutely heavenly. Ticks all the boxes for me. The “Stimulating” and “Invigorating” lip scrub is on our to-do-list-for-smooth-plump-lips.

Available at Tom Ford stockists in New Zealand.

Tom Ford

Elizabeth Arden’s Love Heals x Eight Hour ColLab

love heals eight hour cream review

A fan of muralist James Goldcrown? The ex-photo correspondent from Dazed & Confused Magazine (now Dazed) turned artist recently collaborated with Elizabeth Arden to create fresh new packaging for their Love Heals x Eight Hour. Chances are if you’ve been to New York recently, you have probably come across some of his most famous artist including the two dozen Lovewall/Bleeding hearts mural? The multicoloured hearts have mesmerised so many and this is probably the most palpable way to get your hands on one of the most soothing salves and his artwork.

Available here for $37

Round Up | Zeenat Wilkinson
Write up | Aasha-Samara Nimo
Photography | Wono Kim