Your Saucy Guide To Spring Beauty Is Here

Your Saucy Guide To Spring Beauty Is Here

Hi Spring, we've been waiting for you (with rosé in one hand and Eye sHADOWS in the other).

This season, we're celebrating Spring with a 'saucy' new video featuring our girl  Jamie Stanton.

Lately, we've all been guilty of focusing all our time on our spring-summer wardrobes and upcoming festivities, but let's take a moment to stop, pause, and embrace 'this magical time' as the earth renews itself and the ground is once again covered in beautiful blooms and teeny tiny daisies. Spring is so wonderful!

We're also talking about the new Holy Grail in makeup this season – the humble Eye Shadow. We often discuss lipsticks, foundations, concealers, mascaras, and even the latest in lip-gloss, but eye shadows rarely make the cut. We’re taking some of favourite 80s shades and teleporting it into 2017. It isn't about colour or texture anymore, it’s also about the application technique and turning your eyelids into your canvas!

Makeup Artist (and our Sauce girl)  Jemma Barclay gives us the details on how she manipulated a couple of products to create her own coloured mascara and some pro tips on how to re-create the magic. We hope this feature motivates you to pick up a palette (or liner, or whatever your medium of choice is) and create something incredible, too.

Without further adieu,


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.58.14 pm.png

By custom mixing a bold fuchsia tone with a deep cool blue and a hint of white, I created this pastel violet swirl incorporating soft delicate lines that satisfy the eye. It is inspired by the ‘lavenite petite’ that greet you at the door of the Winter Gardens in Auckland’s Domain, gracing the experience of entering with a calming ambience that sparks colour creativity through its odd sense of warming coolness.


Products used:

Eye: Painterly Paint Pot by MAC washed with a light translucent powder as a base and Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette.

Set with the purple shadow in the Sephora PRO Eyeshadow Palette.

Pro tip: Go to your local art supply store and pick up the smallest, finest brush you can find. Perfect for precise anddetailed lines.

Jamie wears Georgia Alice, full collection available here. Hoops, Georgia Alice x Meadowlark, available here.


LOOK 2. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.57.43 pm.png

Counteractive colours—blue and orange. In your head, the combination could seem almost unsettling as a make-up look. But by placing the blue on the lashes along with a smooth matte orange tone on the lid, the two complement each other. The contrast creates pop and adds an extra dimension. The ultimate summer fashion eye, Sun ’ N’ Sand.


Products used:

Lashes: Mac Acrylic Paints in Blue.

Lid: Prepped with Layin’ Low paint pot by MAC and set with the Two-Faced Chocolate Bar Palette in salted caramel blended with milk chocolate in the crease

Face: Light wash of Jane Iredale Powder in Latte as a bronzer, and Mac silver strobe cream for skin base.

Jamie wears Miss Crabb kilim jacquard jacket and jeans, available here.


Production & Direction | Zeenat Wilkinson
Videography & Editing | Amazir Aknine
Model | Jamie @Clyne Models
Makeup & Hair | Jemma Barclay
Editorial Assistance | Irina Sviatskaia

Music | Chris Zabriskie "I Cannot Imagine Where I Would Be Without You"