The SMELL GOOD GUIDE | Summer Edition

The SMELL GOOD GUIDE | Summer Edition

Perfume speaks. It says about you way more than you assume. Neglecting its influence on people is the silliest mistake you can make. They say not judge the book by its cover but who are we actually kidding? Of course, our personalities matter more than our appearances, yet this rule doesn’t apply when we meet someone for the first time. First impressions are everything, and scent makes the biggest impact.

Okay, enough small talk. Let’s get to know everything you need about five summery scents we can't stop using right now!

P.S. All the fragrances mentioned below are 100% unisex, which means you and your better half can use it together.


I will start with my personal number one for summer—Fleurs D'Oranger. I remember how I fell in love with Serge Lutens’ perfumes. You know, everyone has this friend who is a total perfume maniac and obsessed with scents. Well, so do I. Mine is the one I go to instead of the store whenever I need a fresh start or cannot decide which fragrance I should buy. Every time I visit her, I wear nothing at all (speaking of perfume, of course) just so I can try some new ones. And there it was standing on the shelf—dark purple La Religieuse with fluffy jasmine and musk notes that stand for a fight of good and evil. It was love at first sight. While La Religieuse is a perfect one for the colder season, I will tell you more about my personal pick for these sunny days we are waiting for. Sultry as the air on a hot summer day, Fleurs D’Oranger is all about flowers but surprisingly is not girly at all. An irresistible bouquet of orange blossom, white jasmine, and tuberose on a balmy base of floral musk, wood, and cumin. It resembles this salty and musky smell of the skin after a day well spent under the sun. This aroma doesn’t speak; it screams but so artistically that everyone will stop and carefully listen. I listened to it and straightaway knew it was the one to hold onto for at least the next three months.

Available at MECCA, $189 for 50ml, $325 for 100ml.

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Another one hundred per cent summery scent is from a favourite perfume brand of all times—Tom Ford. I get lost whenever I visit those corner stores and impulsively purchase new scents (not that I need it so much but who can say no to Tom Ford?). Let me present you the queen bee of briny sea smells—Costa Azzurra. The name sounds a lot like the legendary Mediterranean coast. Imagine yourself on a beach in Italy after a summer storm, smell the salt in the air… that is what they say, and I am sold on it. When I sprayed it, I saw myself lying on the beach somewhere in Sardinia surrounded by evergreen thuja trees. It is a great addition to the Tom Ford Private Blend collection created by Yann Vasnier. It may seem simple at first but has got the capacity to transform into a whole new world of aroma just after five minutes. The opening is full of marine freshness with a woody twist: seaweed, celery seeds, cardamom, and driftwood. Then it reveals lavender, citruses (lemon and mandarin notes), juniper, and myrtle, but when you dig deeper, oh boy, it shows you vanilla, vetiver, incense, and oak base notes. Honestly, Costa Azzurra is far beyond this artificial sea breeze-like aquatic smell and worth every penny. Every one of them.

Available here, $495 for 100ml.


If I can say only one thing about Jo Malone London, it would be to never underestimate this brand. I thought I had tried most of its fragrances and that nothing could surprise me anymore, yet I was mistaken. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is something completely new for me, but when I saw the notes of jasmine on the list, I was urged to try it. And I am glad I did. The first spray reveals a woody yet spicy aroma of pink pepper, black cardamom, and fresh ginger, but then your floral fantasy comes to life accompanied by jasmine, water lily, orchid, and rose middle notes. The best is yet to come with black amber (finally), kyara incense, patchouli, sandalwood, and, the last but not least, leather. If you are a fan of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, this party gem is for you. My little advice: spray it inside of your closet. Trust me, it will do good.

Psst, there is also a good-looking candle and dry body oil selling in the dark amber and ginger lily scent.

Available here, $190 for 50ml, $290 for 100ml.


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As all Maison Louis Marie perfumes, No.04 Bois De Balincourt is bold and complex but easy to comprehend. I have heard people say it is one of the most sensual fragrances they have ever tried, and I couldn’t agree more. It all starts with sandalwood and cedar turning into a spicy cinnamon cloud full of nutmeg with a hint of vetiver. And then, when you just think it is too much, it dries down letting comforting amber and woody notes to get in charge of the scent. Yes, yes, and yes! One more pro for this perfume (as if all mentioned above wasn’t enough) is its longevity is seriously on point. It lingers in the air the whole day!

The history of this brand is fascinating as well. Marie du Petit Thouars grew up in Belgium making candles and experimenting with scents in her mother’s greenhouse. The creation of Maison Louis Marie was inspired by her ancestor Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars, a pioneer in French botanical history.

Available at Lonely Label stores.


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I know for sure there are some people who prefer not to wear perfumes during the hot summer season. Nevertheless, there is something in this post for you. It is a remarkable and bold scent that focusses entirely on you and represents your best self. Although it sounds quite eccentric and quirky, Gypsy Water smells completely different on different people. Unlike other fragrances, this one is hard to distinguish when worn by other people. Notes of bergamot, lemon, juniper berries, amber, vanilla, and sandalwood blend into the skin and, I solemnly swear, alter to match its possessor.

With Gypsy Water, you can be yourself—just a slightly better edition (2.0 it is).

Available at MECCA, $176 for 50ml, $270 for 100ml.


Previously on staff at Allure Russia, Irina moved from Moscow city to New Zealand. So what does Irina do when she isn’t testing beauty products and writing reviews? Eating avos and nailing the perfect VSCO filters!