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This Alchohol-free Toner Smells Like A Cloud of Roses

Sauce.Review, gamechanger
This Alchohol-free Toner Smells Like A Cloud of Roses


If you are in pursuit of baby soft skin, and dreamy iphone product photos, WELCOME. You have arrived at the right place. 




Skin type: I became fascinated with skincare after realizing that my oily/acne prone skin was actually just dehydrated. Since this discovery, I’ve been focused on incorporating comforting moisturizers and oils into my routine

Why “Game Changer”: I decided to embark on this series of sharing my “Game Changer” products in order to feed my relentless addiction of testing out every single beauty item until I find the best of the best.

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My passionate love affair with Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel is well documented throughout my Instagram, but I just couldn't leave it out of this series.

I’ve had quite the uphill battle with toners- in high school I had pretty acne prone skin so I would use astringent formulas that contained loads of alcohol (if it stings that means its working, right?) Of course, this isn’t true, and they dried me out like crazy which made my angry adolescent acne even worse, so I stopped using toners all together.

In the last year or so I've learned how vital the toning step is in your routine. In order to keep your skin’s acid mantle performing at it’s best, you must rebalance its PH after cleansing. Your acid mantle is responsible for keeping all the good lipids and moisture within your skin in tact, while keeping pollution and grime out (science!) so this is a pretty vital aspect of any anti-aging routine.

Enter: Thayer’s witch hazel.

This low PH rose-infused formula is perfect for rebalancing and whisking away any leftover makeup or residue from your cleanser. I always reach for this toner because it’s insanely softening, hydrating, and totally refreshing. It also sets makeup perfectly without leaving a sticky finish!

To use, I put some on a cotton round and swipe over my face and neck after cleansing. Pro tip: I transfer some of this into a spray bottle and stash in a spray bottle to refresh makeup!


Available here, $10.49