Wardrobe Essentials For 2019

Wardrobe Essentials For 2019

This is the time we get confused on what the heck to wear as these cute crochet beach slips, and wide brim hats just won’t work when it comes to being a busy woman in the city.

Going into the trans-seasonal time of year, is it cold? Or warm? Honestly, I’m so confused! We don’t live for the bipolar weather but dressing appropriately and fabulously is key. 

Here are a few pieces I believe are the staples in your wardrobe when it comes to these slightly confusing and nippy upcoming months.



It’s the go-to dress when you’re just not sure what to wear. A bold maxi dress is my go-to when it comes for wanting to feel like a Grecian goddess as it is super easy to wear with it being interchangeable depending on the occasion.Going out to lunch? Add some cute kicks and a tote, and you’re done for the day. You want to dress it up? Add some heels and some staple earrings, and you’re set, you will look effortless.

Where to look for bold maxis?

Kate Sylvester (Blythe Dress), Georgia Alice (Hils Dress in Silver), Mahsa (O’Keeffe Dress).



Ever since I got my hot pink Harman Grubisa Jessica jacket, I think I died and went to heaven!

If it’s a trench, jacket or a hoodie and If its bold and whip that sucker out of your wardrobe, pair it with some fresh kicks grab an iced coffee and make your mark on the town!

It’s an easy piece you can throw over your shoulders and can make you look like the ultimate queen. Also, if it is just your boyfriend's bright red hoodie? Grab it! Somehow, it’s exhilarating when borrowing your partner’s clothes for the sake of fashion also I swear they are 10 times cosier than your clothes. Plus, they think you look adorable in it!

Where to find a poppin coat?

Harman Grubisa (Saffy Jacket), Kate Sylvester (Blythe Jacket), Salasai (Cult Classic Blazer)



Long skirts are currently returning into everyone’s wardrobes as well as stores shelf. 

I think long skirts are currently the cutest thing, wear that with an oversized sweater oh my god you look like a teddy bear in the best way possible.

The straight silhouette of the skirts helps to balance out and gives you an opportunity to mix them with possible larger pieces that you’re wearing. So, you won’t look frumpy the skirt extenuates your waist and hips and still has you looking feminine. They are long, so they are capable of covering your legs from any wind but also can have cute splits down the back or side for a cheeky little peek a boo. As well as all the other pieces I have mentioned the long skirts are just as much of a chameleon or even more when it comes to a night out. Add band tee with a moto jacket and some cute little boots, and you’re set for your dinner reservation at the viaduct.

Where to search for a lengthy skirt?

Georgia Alice (Delilah Skirt), Jil Sander (Gingham Skirt), Staud (Garage Tassel Skirt)



We mean business with the shirt jacket dresses that have been ruling the runways and now the streets of Auckland, I die every time I see one. They scream GRL PWR sexy with the short length and the 80s style bold shoulders! I know straight after this article, I’m going out to get one!

Favourite part of this silhouette is that designers are taking their own spin on it with bringing in different prints and or bold colours this style of dress is something I believe will stay around for a long time and will be interpreted in many ways according to on how each one looks at it. You like the shape? Now find a print that matches your personality and rock it with your bold accessories and no one will want to mess with you!

Where to seek that suit dress?

Maggie Marilyn (You Lift Me Higher Blazer), Staud (Roxy Pinstripe), Alexander Wang (Sleeveless Blazer Dress)



Accessories are just as essential! Whenever my outfits feel like there are on the simpler side, I crawl into my wardrobe and find my shiny metallic ankle boots. They make me feel complete I’ve never had so many compliments when walking out down K road with my shiny boots reflecting the city lights.

If they are snakeskin or bright yellow, I want them, and they will surprisingly go with many of your outfits in your wardrobe because of the juxtaposition of the extravagance vs your classic white shirt dress.

Where to find your pop of boot?

Prada (Chelsea Boots), Kate Sylvester (Snakeskin White Boots), Alias Mae (Ahara Boots in Blush).


The motto of the year? Investment pieces that are bold but effortless.