Shiseido WASO's diverse skincare range is everything you can dream of... and more

Shiseido WASO's diverse skincare range is everything you can dream of... and more

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Diversity. That’s a pretty scary word to some people, but to our generation, it’s a necessity. We have the freedom to define our own gender, sexuality, and pretty much any lifestyle choice we choose.
And this diversity should stretch to our skincare routine. The days of prescriptive cleanse, tone and moisturise are long over (and thank the beauty gods for that. I remember being marched to the local pharmacy and being forced to use spot targeting cleanser that took the top layer of my skin off, before being smothered with a heavy moisturiser that blocked every pore). Now you can choose a skincare routine that works for you and your skin’s own needs – but where to start?

Luckily, we’ve found the perfect range. Shiseido’s new WASO range allows you to pick and choose what works for you and your individual skin. And we haven’t even got to the sleek minimal packaging as yet.

WASO, which literally means ‘simplicity’, has sourced its main ingredients from nature and traditional skincare secrets known only to a select few – until now. I’m usually a bit cynical of these claims, but I just had to share this new line with you because it really does cater to a diverse range of skin needs. Acne, eczema, dry skin, whatever. WASO simply works for all of them.


Quick Gentle Cleanser

WASO Gentle Cleanser

You only need a teeny bit of this cleanser. Rub straight onto the skin to remove make-up and other impurities. I have eczema and acne (a lovely combination), but this didn’t irritate my skin. It washed away all make-up leaving my skin refreshed and slightly tight.


Fresh Jelly Lotion

WASO Jelly Lotion

Now this is fun. You smooth it on after cleansing and it leaves your skin plump and smooth. Great under make-up to avoid the dreaded 5 o clock sinking of foundation into laughter lines.


Soft and Cushy Polisher

This creamy polish is loaded with soy, that magical ingredient that women in Japan swear keeps their skin youthful. It was really gentle on my problem skin, but I would recommend only using this once a week to brighten your complexion.


Clear Mega-Hyrdrating Cream

WASO mega hydrating cream

My fave. You can use this at night to stay hydrated or under make-up (or just bare-faced), to give you lovely, plump and glowing skin. It's also a clever pick-me-up to refresh your make-up throughout the day. Just pat gently on top of your face if you don't have time to re-do your make-up and this product will give you a fresh, dewy look. The cream would be great to take on a long haul flight, to copy that enviable glow all the A listers seem to have - even after a zillion hours on a plane. A future cult must-have.


Color-Smart Day Moisturizer SPF 35

WASO color smart day moisturizer

Do not be alarmed when you squirt this onto skin. It looks white-ish, but blends in to melt in with any skin tone. My milk-bottle white skin suited this just as much as my friend’s beautiful cinnamon complexion. An extra bonus is the SPF30, a no-brainer for anyone who wants to protect their skin from the sun.


Quick Matte Moisturizer

WASO quick matte moisturiser

I usually don’t touch mattifying moisturisers. Despite having acne, I find they can give you dull skin. However, when I used this during a break-out, it kept my skin moisturised without being shiny or dull. Great trick and one other beauty companies could learn from.


The range will be available at Shiseido stockists nation-wide from 2nd August. The RRPs ranges between $49 - $69.


Images | Shiseido
Review | Helen Easson




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