The Review | All Day Brightener n spf 50+

The Review | All Day Brightener n spf 50+

For anyone doomed to grapple with the factor 50 every morning, this is a lifesaver.

white lucent

I burn. Like no one I have ever met. As a consequence, I keep my lily white British skin covered at all times. There is an upside to this however. When I first moved to New Zealand, I would always get asked for ID in the supermarket. I felt quite smug about this - until the day a spotty checkout boy refused to sell me my much-needed bottle of red wine when I forgot my driving licence. Still, no matter how much I really wanted to be a bronzed goddess, I would reassure myself that at least I looked young for my age. No tan means no lines. 
Until the dark spots started to appear. Apparently even with my fanatical slapping on of factor zillion, I still hadn’t escaped from the damaging effects of the sun.
Just a few that could be mistaken for freckles, but they were definitely there. Then they started to join up. I ignored it until a child innocently asked if I had a birth mark on my forehead. The horror. I now slather my face in factor 50 each morning without fail, but this often leaves me with a greasy base for make-up. I would go out and buy one that promised a ‘matte effect’ and end up looking like I’d dipped my face in flour. So I was really curious to try Shiseido’s new brightening range. Would this be my holy skincare grail?
First I tried the White Lucent All Day Brightener. As an occasional sufferer of acne, I’m always quite cynical when it comes to moisturisers that claim to brighten the skin. But this one is different. It glides on easily and left my skin feeling as if it was able to breathe. My face also looked brighter, as if I’d just heard some really good news. I’ve always hated how gloopy high factor creams are, but this one is feather light and almost feels like there’s nothing on my skin at all. The moisture lasts all day and it left me feeling relieved that I didn’t have to think about whether or not my factor 25 foundation was going to struggle if I had to unexpectedly sit or walk in the sun. This is something of a miracle for me, especially when I guiltily think of all the times I forgot to bring my hat to a summer barbeque. Sun protection is always on my mind, but this moisturiser means I don’t have to compromise between having protected skin – or skin that looks good.
All in all, this is a great product that certainly does what it says on the box. For anyone doomed to grapple with the factor 50 every morning, this is a lifesaver. Fresh, dewy skin with none of the chalkiness or dreaded greasiness of such high factor products. Love it.

- Helen Easson


Words | Helen Easson
Photography | Clara Pafundi
Jewels | Jasmin Sparrow


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