The Review | Jo Malone London's Wild Flowers & Weeds Collection

The Review | Jo Malone London's Wild Flowers & Weeds Collection

Smells just like sunshine on a cloudy day. A closer look at Jo Malone London’s Wild Flower and Weeds


Capturing the essence of the English country riverside and spring awakening is Jo Malone London’s latest fragrance range, Wild Flowers and Weeds collection was created by Perfumers Yann Vasnier and Louis Turner. The collection consists of five 30ml colognes in bottles adorned with illustrations of the key ingredients, featuring Hemlock and Bergamot, Willow and Amber, Nettle and Wild Achillea, Lupin and Patchouli and Cade and Cedarwood.

Reminiscent of the English countryside, designed to transport you as if you were walking along the riverside and canals discovering the unexpected beauty of weeds, field grasses and wild flowers. The collection is a follow up from 2016’s Herb Garden collection and Bloomsbury in 2017.

An embodiment of natural, untouched beauty and focuses on the wild weed aspect rather the usual floral hints. With ingredients that you wouldn’t usually find in perfumes such as nettle- which sting to the touch and Hemlock, which is known to be poisonous and the spring flower, Lupin, these scents are a breath of fresh, wild air.

This collection feels happy and nostalgic; and each one shares a special story.

The Cade and Cedarwood fragrance is comprised of cedar, vanilla and smoky chords and burning woods. A cosy yet masculine scent but with lightness that doesn’t bog you down.

Notes : Cedarwood, Vanilla & Juniper
Fragrance Type : Mysterious and woody (but light)


The Hemlock and Bergamot fragrance has hints of Bergamot accord and shining golden mimosa, heliotrope and crisp cucumber accord. A fragrance that will mesmerise you with it’s pure natural beauty. A happy spring scent!

Notes : Mimosa, hemlock, bergamot and cucumber

Fragrance Type : Green, light and bright


The Willow and Amber fragrance is a soft blend of amber, vanilla and smoky vetiver and cashmere wood.

Notes : Cashmere wood, velvetier, amber and white willow

Fragrance Type : Fresh, woody and zesty


The Nettle and Wild Achillea fragrance is developed from white wild achillea flowers and green notes of nettle, with a hint of bergamot and white musk.

Notes : Yarrow, bergamot, nettle and white musk

Fragrance Type : Green and aromatic


The Lupin and Patchouli fragrance has aspects of the juicy aspects of mandarin orange with a contrast of earthy patchouli and rose flowers.

Notes : Lupin, patchouli, mandarin orange and rose

Fragrance Type : Floral and warm spicy


Overall, a beautiful composition of weeds and flowers in the most sophisticated way, in a true Jo Malone London style. The botanical illustrations are so stunning too! We want to climb inside it and live in it.
Available at
Smith & Caughey’s for $118 each.

Review | Nina Franklin

Ratings | Zeenat Wilkinson

Photography | Wono Kim