Our Current Faves Matched To A Personality Type

Our Current Faves Matched To A Personality Type

Match your personality to your fragrance type


Self-expression is an important part in what makes us an individual. The way we apply our make-up or do our hair, the way we dress and of course—the way we smell. But sometimes finding the right scent to match your personality can be a bit of a mind field. Standing at the fragrance counter, spraying scent after scent until eventually you’re left with a pounding headache and the smell of chemicals up your nose is far from ideal. So, to avoid a great calamity in the middle of your local department store, we’ve put together a small list of our current faves to help match your fragrance with your personality type. No pre-smelling required…. You’re welcome! xx



The Designer

Scent: Portrait Of A Lady- Frédéric Malle

Key notes: Elegant and sophisticated with hints of musk and sandalwood

This scent is best suited for someone who has a natural air of elegance. Possibly an architect by profession, she’s, sexy, smart and everyone wants to be her.

Likes: Drake, Grand Designs, red wine and her Frenchy named Harper.

Dislikes: Arrogant men, flannelette, the colour purple and talking on the phone.

portrait of a lady

Available at MECCA here for $235 (30ml).



The Sensual Soul

Scent: Tom Ford Oud Wood

Key notes: Intense, woody, smoky, sensual
This scent is best suited for someone who takes a more serious approach to life. Possibly a lawyer by profession, likes to be in control and in return be controlled in the boudoir.

Likes: Black pantsuits, whiskey, six inch stilettos and her horse hair whip.

Dislikes: The colour pink, coconuts, Taylor Swift and people who use Internet speak IRL.

tom ford oud wood

Available at Smith & Caughey's here for $500 (50ml)


The Girl Next Door

Scent: Prada La Femme

Key notes: Floral and feminine with vanilla and frangipani
This scent is best suited for the girl next door type. Possibly a school nurse, she’s sweet like apple pie.
Likes: The countryside, pink roses, spring and milk-maid dresses.
Dislikes: Rugby, mushrooms, death metal and the dentist.

prada la femme

Available at Farmers here for $195 (50ml)


The Trend-setter

Scent: Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Key notes: Chic, grown-up, sea salty and woody

This scent is best suited for someone who loves fashion and socialising. Possibly a fashion writer by profession, she’s always on-the-go and gets invited to the best parties.

Likes: Fashion, champagne, vintage heels and Meghan Markle.

Dislikes: Anything plaid, carbs, re-growth and anything last season.

wood sage and sea salt

Available at Farmers here for $236 (100ml).


The Creative

Scent: Byredo Bal D’Afrique

Key notes: Euphoric, Musk, Moroccan cedar wood, Lemon

This scent is best suited for a creative individual. Possibly a musician by profession, who loves to find hidden meanings in life.

Likes: Yoga, guitar, incense, senual living and matcha tea.

Dislikes: Conformity, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift and wearing shoes.

Sauce Product-140.jpg

Available at MECCA here, $202 (50ml).

Sauce Product-056.jpg


Photography | Wono Kim
Direction | Zeenat Wilkinson
Words | Nina Franklin

When Nina isn’t busy writing about the latest and greatest in all things beauty for Sauce, you’ll find her trying to live a #balancedlife by juggling a career as a freelance writer and being a mum.

Her love in equal parts for vintage and designer fashion plays a big part in her life, as well as her ongoing hunt to find the perfect shade of red lipstick—and the perfect bottle of red wine for that matter!