Five Ways I Am "Surviving" This Winter

Five Ways I Am "Surviving" This Winter

So, how are you feeling lately? Cold? Well, looks like we're all suffering from a serious case of "winter". 

Other syndromes might also include, but not exclusive to : dry skin, dry nose, dry hair, flu, possibly mild depression (SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder) and hunger. But honestly, I am trying to focus on the pros this year. Avoid hibernating and creating a fortress of blankets and heaters in my house.

What pros? Well, I am glad you asked.

Let's all just appreciate the fact that we have very little grooming to worry about during winter. I love summer, but I "hate" shaving and waxing. So that's a relief! 

Also clothing wise, granny underwear, no bra, or no clothes at all.

No one will ever know what’s under that chic merino jumper or chunky winter coat. I am fully here to indulge into every minute of it. Here are five more things that might distract you from the awful weather and make you feel a lot less sluggish.


1.    Sorting through your things and tidying up is very therapeutic.

I try and tackle one room at time and really start by focusing on one area and then moving around it. A perfect time to play a good podcast and taking your time so it doesn't feel like such a chore; and moving around is good for the body when you're not getting enough exercise. Need some organisational inspiration? I love looking at The Organised Home for ideas.

Podcast-wise, I am really into : 

The High Low, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton's refreshing take on pop-culture (which you're probably listening to anyways) ; and Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete. Emma interviews some really cool people about their careers and their lives online and offline, they discuss topics such as getting out of your comfort zone, how to deal with the people who might have ignored you at the beginning of your career and more.


2. There is something so comforting about sitting with a big bowl of hot soup and watching Netflix.

It's called food of the soul for a very good reason and probably the most convenient form of food known to mankind. This healthy celebrity-approved kale soup recipe is high on my list of things to make this week. Makeup-artist turned author Wendy Rowe knows a thing or two about food that helps nourish you from the inside out and make your skin glow!  And you know, we are all about the glow. Also, our blogger friends at Serendipity Ave have been making this really easy hearty chicken soup that I am 100% into as well. Here is the recipe


2.   Do you even matcha?

If soups are not your thing, maybe try a healthier alternative to tea or coffee this winter.  Matcha is a perfect for when you're looking for a warm drink and a pick-me-up, minus the jitters. Did you know Matcha is extremely rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which have been tied to protection against blood sugar regulation. I was petrified to try matcha for years (could it be because it is green and frothy?) but now I am totally addicted to Storm & India's Power Matcha. Also, quite a fan of  these cute cups from Third Drawer Down.

All cups from Third Drawer Down


4.   Sleep!

You generally end up sleeping more in winter knowing you don’t have to worry about your golfer's tan, also to avoid that ghastly chill when you first step away from your blanket (brr). Some nice blankets, cosy knits and pyjamas are a must to take that relationship to the next level. A good book to read in bed is a prerequisite too. My pick : France Is A Feast contains compelling photographs taken by her husband Paul Child documenting how Julia Child first discovered French cooking and the French way of life. Very dreamy. Very enjoyable in bed. And then there is Laing Home and those cute Emu slides that everyone is talking about on Instagram.

I am happy to confirm (yes) Emu slides are just as fab as they look, and they (do) keep your feet warm (and snug).

Laing Home | Smith & Caughey's | Tessuti 


5. Meditate and get some clarity.

I dont know about you, but I can already feel the work pressure build up and it feels like the rest of the year is going to be one big roller-coaster ride. Headspace is actually a really handy tool with dealing with stress, and a perfect chance to zone out before the year spins out of control. I always sense a wave of clarity right after meditation, this is the optimal time to plan for the future or simply make your daily to-do list. If you're not a fan of Headspace, maybe just You Tube "Chakra Cleansing Meditation" or "Guided Meditation" to try something new. It makes a world of a difference to your mood!


And then there is always makeup to spark your creativity.

Lipstick shades deepen in winter. It's a perfect time to experiment with a bolder colour and off-set it with a beautiful scarf or coat. Here are some our my favourite winter lipstick shades :

No. 19 Fuchsia Rouge Pur Couture by YSL

Casablanca by Tom Ford

Brown by Bobbi Brown (very 90s)

Ok it's your turn now!

What's keeping you going this winter?


Opening Image | CK 18 Campaign





Zeenat Wilkinson is the Founder and Editorial Director of Sauce.

Her work as a fashion producer, writer, and freelance stylist can be seen in the likes of Vogue, Grazia, Nylon and Black Magazine. 100% dog person.