A Beauty Writer's Guide To Moisturised Skin This Winter

A Beauty Writer's Guide To Moisturised Skin This Winter

A beauty writer's guide to moisturised skin this winter


My main beauty goal during the winter season is maintaining the healthy glow I worked so hard to earn during the summer months. My tan lines may fade and my freckles may somewhat go into hiding, but that doesn’t mean my soft skin has to suffer, you know? And neither should yours! There are a few key steps to follow to have your skin looking and feeling just as healthy and vibrant as it did when it was warm out, so be sure to incorporate them into your routine, ASAP!

Living in a super dry climate, I know first-hand the sooner you implement these beauty hacks into your regimen, the longer your skin will maintain its moisturised, summer-like appearance.

Here are a few of the extra steps I add to my routine to keep my skin smooth all year long:



Not only does this make me feel all sorts of fancy, it’s also great for my body, in more ways than one. A few drops of essential oil will go a long way when it comes to restoring dried skin, plus if you use a lavender oil (like I do), then you’ll also be de-stressing as you soak. Not a bad idea, huh? My favourite oil to use is Mullein & Sparrow’s Lavender Blossom Body Oil (which ships to NZ, btw!) because everything from the packaging to the product itself is luxurious.  



As if soaking in a little oil wasn’t pampering enough, I also love to apply more moisturising product as soon as I towel off. Because let’s face it—sitting in a tub of hot water for that long can totally dry you out. Applying lotion or oil (I love using coconut oil or coconut oil-based products from Kopari) as soon as you’re out of the tub will really allow the healing properties of the product to soak into your skin. Do as I do and let all that goodness sink in!


Part of keeping the outermost layer of skin looking good as new is making sure to constantly get rid of the old skin cells on the surface. Exfoliating your body with a scrub or pumice stone will reveal the newest, brightest layers. You can add this step to your tub time, if you’d like an excuse to stay in there a little longer. Grab a glass of wine—if you’re like me, you’ll be in your bathroom-turned-spa for a while. Pro tip: scrubs are even better if you choose one that smells amazing like this cinnamon one from Scrub Co.  (locally made in New Zealand) just sayin’.


Especially during the winter, I try to wash my face and body with lukewarm or cold water (as cold as I can stand it, at least). It’s a great way to keep the skin from becoming dehydrated. So, if you can handle a cold shower in the morning, it might wake you up faster, while also doing wonders for your beauty routine. Honestly, it’s better than a cup of coffee!


Foods or products that are rich in vitamin C can be a god-send during the winter months. You see, vitamin C can regulate your collagen production to make sure you’re skin is working hard to fight against wrinkles and keep it healthy overall—which, of course, includes not drying out and staying firm. I like to slather some avocado on toast for breakfast because this is one, yummy and two, full of vitamin C.


Even if I follow each of these steps, there are still parts of my body that get dry. I pay extra attention my hands, feet, cuticles and lips. The more time you put into moisturising with heavy-duty products like this Almond & Calendula hand cream the more it will pay off. A little tender love and care goes a long way. I promise!

Here’s to staying moisturised this season!



Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Oil, NZ $148, available here  – this magical potion will transport you to sunny ibiza (from your bathroom).
did we mention it smells divine too?

Sukin Ultra Hydrating Body Oil, AUS $20.95, available here – extra hydration for extra dry skin. but make sure you slap some on soon as you are out of the shower.

Mullein & Sparrow  Body Oil Set, US $40, available here – because, just look at it!? And who doesn't want to smell like lavender blossoms each morning?

The Body Shop Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub-in-oil, NZ $62, available here  – this magical duo - scrub-in-oil leaves the skin feeling exfoliated and super soft.

Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap, NZ$12, available here  – great for dealing with clogged skin, bacne and bumpy eczema flares during winter. highly recommend it and it's great for the price too.

Le labo Rose 31 Shower Gel, US $52, available here – because Le Labo Rose 31 is where dreams come true. In your shower too.

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