Review | YSL Top Secret Range

Review | YSL Top Secret Range

Test Drive | YSL Top Secrets Range


So, I was lucky enough to test out the new YSL top secrets beauty range recently. For someone like me who has normal-combination skin with my main issue being adult hormonal acne, it’s reeeeally hard for me to find a good quality, full coverage foundation that doesn’t make me look ten years older and give me cake face. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tested this new range out.

Here are my thoughts…


Touche Éclat Colour Correcting Blur Primer, nz $93

It comes in four shades - orange (for dullness for medium to dark skin tones), blue (fight sallowness - all skin tones) and pink (dullness for light skin tones). 

I chose the orange shade as it works best for olive to dark skin tones to help blur out imperfections and dark marks. It’s got a lovely consistency and a subtle shimmer but I’ve noticed that when I wear it under my YSL foundation it does give me a slight orange-y tinge to my face, I’m thinking that the shade might not have been the best pick for me now that my skin has gone from that olive summer glow to its wintery shade of pale. 

ysl primer.jpg

All Hours Foundation, NZ $101

I’m not a fan of a tonne of make up on my face but the one thing that is important to me is having a full coverage long wearing foundation, to help cover up my residual acne marks, uneven skin tone and dark under eye circles. It’s very hard for me to find a foundation that does these things, but also doesn’t sink into my creases, look patchy and slide off my face or make me look like you could scrape my foundation off with a spoon.

Well team, this foundation is pretty damn good!

 It claims to be a 24- hour foundation, it does last me all day nonetheless and if I need to pop out at night I just touch it up in places where it has worn off a little, usually where I have a pimple or two. The texture is a mix between matte and dewy and it has a really lovely subtle scent to it. It does the trick by covering up most of my imperfections and giving me a pretty good airbrushed look. I’m def a fan of this foundation!

ysl all hours foundation review

Touche Éclat Pen, NZ $65


This little pen is great for under eyes, highlighting and touching up imperfections such as pimples or acne scarring. Great if your mascara has flaked off during the day, you just give this pen a little swipe where your make up has rubbed off and your good to go.

ysl touche eclat pen review

Top Secrets Setting Spray, NZ $85

I could not recommend this setting spray enough! Not only does it hold your make up in place but it gives you this really lovely dewy complexion, making your skin look super hydrated all day long. It’s also got a lovely scent and the pump lets out a fine mist so it doesn’t leave your face feeling wet like other setting sprays. 

ysl setting spray review


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Review | Nina Franklin

**Products were gifted to Nina, but all opinions are unbiased and authentic. 



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